About Us

WHO is edWorksheets.com?

We are your solution for affordable, skill-specific activities that you can print on demand, at any time, for your struggling students OR on-level students who need extra practice. edWorksheets.com is your one-stop-shop for printable activities for all subject areas!


We offer two unique shopping experiences - exclusive VIP access to every worksheet set and lesson plan unit available on our website or on-demand access that allows you to shop and purchase individual sets and units as you need them.


edWorksheets.com was developed by Remedia Publications. Two special education teachers in Scottsdale created Remedia in 1978. For over 30 years, Remedia has provided educators primarily serving below-grade-level learners with the materials they need to help their students develop and master basic skills. Because Remedia specializes in classroom-tested materials, you know that you are getting quality worksheets that really work!


WHY edWorksheets.com?

Our website has many great benefits to offer to you!


Affordability With tight school budgets, we know that your money and time need to be well spent! At edWorksheets.com you have the option to purchase only the worksheets that you need at low prices, or purchase an affordable membership so you have unlimited access to all the worksheets you could ever need for your class! Click here for membership information.


Bonus Material Most of our worksheets are not just individual pages – they are sets of several activities including answer keys! In most cases, we’ve created a “packet” of worksheets with related activities and put them together based on their topic and/or skill. The number of pages for all worksheet sets and units are on the product description pages.


Standards-Based Material Our worksheets are correlated to national standards. Most worksheet sets come with a list of performance objective correlations so that you always know which specific skills you are helping your students develop.


Versatility Our worksheets can be used with a variety of students for a variety of needs. They are ideal for use with the following groups:

  • below-grade-level learners
  • at-risk students
  • ESL/ELL students
  • struggling readers
  • inclusion students
  • speech & language students                       


Our worksheets are great for the following purposes:

  • creating lesson plans
  • supplementing curriculum
  • writing IEPs
  • using for differentiated instruction


WHY get a membership to edWorksheets.com?

There are endless benefits to being a member of edWorksheets.com! As a member, you have full VIP access to every worksheet set and lesson plan unit available. You can download, print, and save any worksheets you want, at any time!


Full Access Select from thousands of skill-based materials in reading, math, social studies, science, language, writing, critical thinking, and more! New worksheets are added weekly, so our library is constantly growing!


Customized Account Every time you download a PDF, we will save it in your personal edWorksheets.com account. This will help you keep track of the worksheets you’ve printed. And with a personal account, we’ll keep your downloads organized so you don’t have to!


Become a member today and discover many more benefits to edWorksheets.com! Go to our Become a Member page and join. The tools to help you and your students are just a few clicks away!

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