Companion Worksheets

Remedia Product Companions
We’ve handpicked some of our favorite story cards, story folders, and games from Remedia Publications and created additional worksheets to go along with them! Download FREE bonus activities for the Remedia products you already own here:

R2352    Comprehension Connection: Science (REM 1089)
R2353    Comprehension Connection: History (REM 1089)
R2429    Skill-Based Story Cards: Science (REM 1072A)
R2439    5 W's Game (REM 6005)
R2479    Comprehension Skill Cards (REM 1082A/B)
R2502    5 W's Fiction Story Cards (REM 1093)
R2503    5 W's Nonfiction Story Cards (REM 1094)
R2504    Keys to Comprehension Game - Level A (REM 6006A)
R2505    Keys to Comprehension Game - Level B (REM 6006B)
R2608    Build-a-Word: Phonics (REM 1076B)
R2718    Practical Practice Math Folders (REM 1096A)
R2729    Specific Skill Builders - Level 2 (REM 2012B)
R2785    Skill-Based Story Folders: Facts & Conclusions
R2786    Build-a-Word: Word Families (REM 1076A)
R2800    Specific Skill Builders - Level 1 (REM 2012A)
R2936    Menu Math Game (REM 4701)
R2937    Comprehension Quickies - Level 1 (REM 1200A)
R2938    Comprehension Quickies - Level 2 (REM 1200B)

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